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AVAbase (Arthropod Vectors of interest for Animal Health database) is a resource for the medical and veterinary entomology community. It provides an online database gathering an important library of taxonomic and ecological information on arthropod species of medical interest (taxon sheet), and a repository for storing specimen data collections, specimen pictures and DNA sequences from the reference collections established at Cirad Montpellier, France. This database provides an updated and efficient identification interface for experts and students.

Today, the database provides information on the genus Culicoides (Diptera : Ceratopogonidae), biting midges involved in Orbivirus transmission worldwide, and on Ixodidae, a family of hard ticks involved in African swine fever transmission.

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You may also find important information on the following websites.

For Culicoides biting midges :

http://www.culicoides.net/ website aims to collate and update information on Culicoides species recorded in northern and western Europe.

http://www.iikculicoides.net/ website is an interactive identification key for Culicoides females from the Western Palaearctic region.