Culicoides imicola Kieffer, 1913

  • C. pallidipennis  Carter, Ingram and Macfie, 1920
  • C. iraquis  Khalaf, 1957
  • C. minutus  Sen and Das Gupta, 1959
  • C. pseudoturgidus  Das Gupta, 1962

General information for the taxon Biogeographic region where the taxon is recorded : Afrotropical, Palaearctic, Oriental

The wings are pale with dark spots. Vein M2 is dark and a diagnostic feature is the well marked “pre-apical excision” on vein M2. The third segment of the palp has a single small sensory pit; there are two spermathecae. Triangular aedeagus, with a well-developed median peg-like structure
the ninth sternite membrane with a variable number of spicules
Delécolle et al (2002) has published a redescription of the species


Implications as vector species

  family Ceratopogonidae
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